New Blog

Hi all!

I just want to remind you that my new blog is now open & I encourage you all who like this blog to go follow Belle En Rouge

I’ve received new followers in the past week and I want to thank you guys for wanting to follow my journey and read my thoughts, BUT this blog will be closing by the end of March so again, please head on over to Belle En Rouge.

I greatly appreciate all of your support. 



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Blog Update

Hi everyone!

I have some news. So I have been doing some thinking and I want to be more serious with blogging. By being serious, I have to change some things from my blog and the number one thing is my URL not matching my blog name. Someone already has fromeasttowest as their url. Thus, leading me to create a whole new blog site under the name of Belle En Rouge. As of right now, the site is closed so I can work on it until it is ready for the public.

I will be transferring many of my works from here onto that platform, but I just want to know how you guys feel about my blog; this blog. I have attached some polls and I would really appreciate it if you would answer them.

This is very important to me as I like to write and interact with others.

I will not be posting on here anymore since From East to West will be closing by mid March. I wouldn’t want to lose my readers either, so I will keep you up to date once my new site, Belle En Rouge is completed.