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My Royal Affair

Photo Diaries // Valentine Week

Friday Favorites

Abstinence From Coffee

How to Have a Great Start to your Morning

K. is the creator and author of this website with the goal of inspiring others through travel and fashion. She is currently pursuing a degree in International Studies with a minor in Political Science. Living in Southern California, her dream is to move to NYC and travel the world.

As of right now, she is a writer for InStyle Buzz and an intern at the Governor Deukmejian Courthouse in Long Beach, CA.

The Story Behind the Name

Many of you might be wondering why I chose to name my blog From East to West, and if you weren’t, then here it is anyways…haha.

I live on the west coast (Los Angeles) in the United States but I really want to live on the east coast (New York City). That is the simple answer to the story behind the name. Why not From West to East…? because From East to West flows better. :)

My passions consist of photography, writing, traveling, eating, and reading.



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Peru: Tomayquichua // Peru: Machu Picchu


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